Lynne returns to work in a dazzling way with new Morley business

Lynn Clare of SpringLynn Gems in Morley. (D522B349)

Lynn Clare of SpringLynn Gems in Morley. (D522B349)


Setting up shop for one Morley woman is much more than just a business venture.

To Lynn Clare her new store marks the start of her “feeling human again,” after a number of debilitating illnesses which meant she had to give up her job at a supermarket.

“I was working in the freezers at Asda. I absolutely loved it,” said Lynn, now 42, who has recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and a sleeping disorder. I was struggling to get out of bed,” she said.

The condition, which makes her feel pain in every nerve ending, means that she has to take 19 tablets every day, including Morphine.

She said that when she was told by an occupational therapist that she could no longer work, she was devastated and felt like she had “fallen out of the human race.”

But determined Lynn, who lives on Hartley Street, refused to stay at home and do nothing which is why she returned to her hobby of making jewellery. She began to make items to sell on market stalls, weather permitting, and decided that she wanted to turn this into an official business.

Lynn opened up her first shop, SprinkLynn Gems on Queen Street, this week with her partner Darren Maddison who also works in administration at Leeds City Council.

“I’ve not claimed any benefits. We have been living off my partners wage,” she said.

The couple have been saving £3,500 to set up their business which sells jewellery, handbags, scarves and art work by Morley-based artist Jan Farthing. Mum-of-one Lynn said that it is a “scary thought” that she has the responsibility of running the shop but she knows that her family will step in when she needs the help.

“I’ve made the shop a home from home. It’s a relief having the pressure off.”

And whilst, Lynn still has regular hospital appointments to attend, this new focus means that the future is sparkling for the family.

SparkLynn Gems is now open for business and they will be having a special open evening soon.




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