Call to block McDonald’s White Bear plans

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Morley councillors have formally requested that a new planning application from McDonald’s for a drive-through takeaway at Tingley is declared invalid.

Morley Borough Independent councillors are calling on Leeds City Council to refuse to accept it and any future applications from the fast food giant for the old White Bear pub site.

The proposal, which is the fourth time the fast food chain has tried to get the takeaway through the planning process, has been refused on three separate occasions by Leeds City Council with their refusal confirmed by the Planning Inspectorate who rejected McDonald’s appeal.

Coun Robert Finnigan said: “This is a further attempt by McDonald’s to bully local residents into submission by using their power and wealth to continue to put in bogus applications to try and grind communities down until they accept their takeaways.

“As this proposal has been refused time and time again the council has the power to declare a new application as invalid and refuse to accept it.

“I have formally requested they use this power and send McDonald’s a clear message that we will not be intimidated by them.”

The campaign to block McDonald’s takeaway plans at Tingley has seen residents launching a community based group which successfully persuaded Leeds City Council to refuse planning permission with over 1,000 objection letters lodged. The application was consistently refused because of its location in a residential area.