Calls made for a better bus service

Residents around the Bruntcliffe Road area are upset at the lack of bus services covering the road. AB179a0815
Residents around the Bruntcliffe Road area are upset at the lack of bus services covering the road. AB179a0815
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A call for a better bus service has been made by local passengers after what they say has been seven years of problems.

Andrew Paver, who lives on Bruntcliffe Road, says the bus service that currently covers that area of the town is affecting his health and the well-being of his mum, for whom he cares for.

He said: “It’s not so much a problem for me, it’s the worry I have for my mum, who is 90 years old.

“Just the other week we waited half-an-hour for the 213 bus that didn’t turn up.

“After half-an-hour we set off walking - which took 25 minutes - to go to another bus stop. On the way, the wheel on her wheelchair buckled.

“The wheelchair space on the other bus was full, but my mum managed to get out of her chair.

“She is very immobile and we had to shuffle onto the bus with difficulty. It wasn’t the most comfortable of journeys.”

Mr Paver said the bus, which is run by Tate’s Travel, didn’t turn up on their return journey and they had to call for a taxi.

“The issue of the service not turning up just continues.

“It’s affecting my health. It’s physically and mentally getting me down.

“We like to be as independent as we can but we are being stopped because a bus company is running a third-rate operation.

“It’s predominantly older people who are less mobile that use the service - it’s much needed and needs to be a reliable one for people to keep their independence.”

“I believe Metro should be challenging the service and finding out why it’s late. Otherwise it just gives the impression that they aren’t bothered.

“We feel let down - nobody seems bothered because it’s an under-used service. It’s horrible for people standing there in all weathers for a bus that just doesn’t turn up.

A spokeswoman for West Yorkshire Combined Authority said: “We are aware of the unreliability issues with this service and the route will be taken over by bus company Arriva next month.

“Tate’s will be running until September 5 with Arriva taking over from September 6.

“We hope this will please Mr Paver and other passengers and they will see a more reliable service in the future.”