Church Fields proposal to go to Leeds Plans Panel

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The controvertial housing application for 370 houses on a Greenfield site in East Ardsley could be discussed by councillors at a Plans Panel meeting next month.

The application, from Barratts homes, has generated significant local opposition because of its likely impact on schools, roads and local health services.

Coun Wyn Kidger, who has been co-ordinating the campaign against the proposal on behalf or Morley Against Reckless Construction (MARC), said: “Information now in the public demain shows that Highways Officers have significan concerns about highways safety with this proposal.

“A similar report from Education Chiefs also confirmed that local primary and secondary schools are full and cannot take the additional children this site will generate.”

The controvertial application was to be considered in March but planners withdrew a report following information received from the Planning Inspector looking into Leeds City Council’s LDF Core Strategy.

The Planning Inspector confirmed the city council’s figures of over 70,000 homes withseveral thousand confirmed for the Greater Morley area over the next 14 years.

Coun Kidger said: “The figures puts all green field sites, including Church Fields, under threat of development.

“The figure of over 7,000 new homes for Morley can only be delivered by 2028 by ripping up green field sites.”

If the application is to be considered in April, a further public meeting will be arranged by MARC to discuss any further concerns.