ED BALLS: Cuts have to be made - but they should be fair

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My position on the coalition Government’s cuts has been well documented on the pages of the Morley Observer & Advertiser.

The rise in VAT to 20 per cent was the wrong tax rise at the wrong time. And the cuts have gone too far, too fast. The economy was recovering from the international financial crisis but this recovery was choked off and our economy has flat-lined since the summer of 2010.

Here in Morley the impact has been acute. People on middle and lower incomes have less money in their pockets. Prices are rising faster than wages and reforms of child benefit, tax credits, Disability Living Allowance and other financial support have led to a surge in people getting in touch with me for help. Despite promises that the frontline would be protected, cuts in policing budgets are impacting on our local police teams. Morley Fire Station was threatened because of cuts in fire service budgets.


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