ELECTIONS: Who is standing in your ward?

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Voters will head to the polls tomorrow to decide who should represent their area on Leeds City Council.

A third of the 99 seats – one in each of the borough’s 33 wards – are up for grabs. Currently the three Morley wards are represented at Leeds City Council by five Morley Borough Independents and four Labour councillors.

The Morley Borough Independents, Labour Party, Conservatives, Green Party, the UK Independence Party and the Liberal Democrats are fielding candidates in Morley North, Morley South and Ardsley and Robin Hood.

A candidate is also being put forward in Morley South by the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition.

Morley Town Council will also be holding an election this year as for the first time people living in Woodkirk in South Morley will get the chance to vote for a representative at the town council.

The new ward to cover Woodkirk and the surrounding area was introduced because it was not previously covered by the town council or any other parish council.

This means there are now seven wards represented in Morley Town Council; Central, Churwell, Elmfield, Scatcherd, Teale, Topcliffe and Woodkirk.

There are already 24 elected members representing these wards but two more councillors will be added after the elections.

The European Parliamentary Elections, to vote for an MEP to represent Yorkshire and the Humber, has been combined with the council elections.

Polling stations will be open from 7am-10pm.

On Friday we’ll be reporting live from both the city and town council election counts at Morley Town Hall via our website, Twitter and Facebook.

Please use the hashtag #morleyelections.

For more information about the 2014 local elections visit www.leeds.gov.uk/elections.


Ardsley and Robin Hood

Tim Atkin (Con); David Daniel (UKIP); Carl James(Green); Wyn Kidger (MBI); Lisa Mulherin (Lab); Benjamin Lloyd Ward (Lib Dem).

Morley North

Deborah Ruth Fenney (Green); Charlotte Hill (Lab); Thomas Adrian Leadley (MBI); John Durno MacArthur (Lib Dem); Luke Barry Senior (UKIP); Sophie Tempest (Con).
Morley South

Bluebell New Jerusalem Eikonoklastes (Green); Neil Cussons (TRADE); Mark Seward (Lab); Lindon Dove (UKIP); Carl James (Green); Shirley Varley (MBI); Kath Tempest (Con)

European candidates for YorkSHire and the Humber

An Independence From


Christopher Booth; Kerrie Oxenham; Malcolm Snelling; John Martin; Paul Sootheran; Howard Blake
British National Party

Marlene Guest; Adam Walker; Daniel Cook; Joanne Brown; Steven Harrison; Stuart Henshaw


Timothy Kirkhope; Alex Story; John Procter; Carolyn Abbott; Michael Naughton; Ryan Stephenson

English Democrats

Chris Beverley; David Wildgoose; Ian Sutton; Colin Porter; Tom Redmond; David Allen
Green Party

Andrew Cooper; Shan Oakes; Vicky Dunn; Denise Craghill; Martin Hemingway; Kevin Warnes

Labour Party

Linda McAvan; Richard Corbett; Eleanor Tunnicliffe; Asghar Khan; Helen Mirfin-Boukouris; Darren Hughes

Liberal Democrats

Edward McMillan-Scott; James Monaghan; Joe Otten; Chris Foote-Wood; Jacqueline Bell; Aqila Choudhry


Trevor Howard; Mary Jackson; Carrie Hedderwick; Adrian O’Malley; Steven Andrew; Iain Dalton


Jane Collins; Amjad Bashir; Mike Hookem; Gary Shores; Jason Smith; Anne Murgatroyd

Yorkshire First

Stewart Arnold; Richard Carter; Richard Honnoraty