LETTERS: Bin collections will show Morley people care

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I AM responding to the letter printed last week from Mr David Spink about fortnightly black bin collections.

Mr Spinks and I had a long conversation over the phone about his views and I am grateful for the opportunity to put my opinion across.

Let’s initially deal with the factual inaccuracies in Mr Spinks’ letter. There are EU regulations which impose large fines if councils continue to landfill rubbish instead of recycling it.

This is not a lie – as Mr Spink claims – but the truth. Continuing to put large amounts of waste into landfill is neither affordable nor sustainable.

The second factual inaccuracy is that a full ballot on the matter could be paid for by the town council at little cost.

The truth is that it would cost over £25,000 to run such a ballot – that’s money that could go to improving policing, keeping streets tidier or for additional grants for pensioner and youth groups.

There are other factual inaccuracies in Mr Spinks letter including his statement on councillors salaries and the money available from Eric Pickles but his overall implication is that Morley Folk are too lazy to recycle and casually toss rubbish into their black bins without any consideration for the environment.

This is again untrue as the recycling rates in Morley are amongst the highest in the city council area.

I do no accept that other towns – such as Rothwell or Batley or Dewsbury – who are already on a fortnightly black bin service – are better motivated than Morley folk.

Morley Folk are conscientious and often lead other communities in their commitment to doing the right thing.

As Mr Spink is aware if a fortnightly black bin collection is a problem for particular individuals – such as those with big families – then that problem can be resolved.

But evidence shows that in most of West Yorkshire – where a fortnightly black bin service already operates – communities have recycled more and therefore prevented increases on their council tax to cover additional landfill charges.

I would urge everyone who has any concerns on this matter to contact me at Morley Town Hall so we can look into those concerns and resolve any problems that might arise.

With the introduction of fortnightly black bin collections I believe Morley folk will enhance their reputation as people who care for their environment and will do everything in their power to preserve it.

Coun Robert Finnigan