Life saving machine arrives at Morley Asda

Maxine Green and Naeem Rawat with the defib. (D512A422)
Maxine Green and Naeem Rawat with the defib. (D512A422)

A machine that could mean the difference between life and death has been installed in Morley’s Asda for the use of the whole community.

A defibrillator was welcomed into the store last week as part of Asda’s promise of ensuring each of its stores around the country have one on site.

It’s working in conjunction with the British Heart Foundation to see that staff are trained to use the lifesaving equipment.

The partnership sees the supermarket become the UK’s first large retailer to commit to having CPR trained staff and a public access defibrillator in every store.

The public access defibrillator can be used by anyone to deliver an electric shock to the heart when someone is having a cardiac arrest.

Community champion Maxine Green said: “It’s not just for the store but for the whole community to take advantage of.

“If anybody is in need of the machine then it’s here, waiting to be used.”

Staff at Asda have been trained on the defibrillator, which Maxine said was surprisingly easy to use.

“It can make all the difference if someone either in store or in the local community falls ill,” she said.

“There is a step-by-step guide on how to use it and it is made simple by following the instructions.”

Asda will roll out the defibrillators in its 609 stores, warehouses and offices by the end of 2014.

The British Heart Foundation is working with local ambulance trusts to run familiarisation training for 12,000 Asda colleagues on how to use the defibrillators.