Call for more youth clubs for Morley’s kids

Andy Dalton at YZUP youth club with young volunteer worker Jaini Hesketh

Andy Dalton at YZUP youth club with young volunteer worker Jaini Hesketh

There are not enough youth services in Morley to cope with the rising demand of young people in need, according to a local councillor.

Coun Andrew Dalton, said that more youth work is needed to provide a variety of activities for young people in the town.

Chairman of YZUP! Youth Club, based in Morley South, Coun Dalton said: “There is more of a need due to central government cuts.”

He said that the situation was getting worse with “Broken Britain. Broken families.”

Coun Dalton is calling for a youth service in each area of the town so young people are not forgotten about and are given the time and support they need.

He said that YZUP! Youth Club not only provides a relaxing place for young people but it also offers subsidised trips.

He said: “Some families even though they’re working are just as much affected.”

But he added that the club faces funding problems due to “bureaucratic barriers” set by Leeds City Council.

Most community and voluntary groups are eligible to apply for funding from the council.

Coun Judith Blake said: “Youth Activity clubs provide an excellent facility for young people in their local area, and we want to make the process for applying for funding as simple as possible.”

For this reason, she said the council has delegated the responsibility of funding to local area committees who have an understanding of an area and can offer help and support through the application process.




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