Cook Ashley making a meal out of bad luck

Ashley cooked up a storm at the youth club.

Ashley cooked up a storm at the youth club.

An unemployed teenager is making a meal out of his bad luck.

Ashley Bayliss, 17, lost his job in the catering trade a few days before christmas. However, he decided to make good use of his spare time and skills while looking for another job.

A regular attender at the YZUP! Youth Club in Morley, Ashley offered to help make the food for its Christmas celebration. He made a range of delicious pizzas for the party, buying all the ingredients in local shops, made all the pizza bases from scratch and then added a delicious range of toppings.

He heated the pizzas for the party at the club’s final session before the Christmas break in the kitchen at the Baker Rooms in Commercial Street – the normal venue for club activities. They were quickly devoured by his friends and visitors at the pre-christmas bash.

YZUP! Club chairman Coun Andy Dalton said that Ashley had attended club activities for a number of years.

He said: “Ashley had always shown an interest in cooking and baking through food craft activities at the club. They were very grateful for his hard work in making the party such a success by providing homemade food.”




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