‘Dream job’ for Morley author as book is published

Morwenna Holman pictured with her cat Oliver at her home at Morley.

Morwenna Holman pictured with her cat Oliver at her home at Morley.


Putting pen to paper for Morwenna Holman may be emotionally difficult but it is what she believes she is meant to do.

Miss Holman, from Morley, has just had her first book published, a story she wrote in her teens, when she said she was visited by the spirit of Emily Bronte.

Self-proclaimed psychic Miss Holman said: “It’s like a radio, tuning my head to different channels.”

And one of those channels led her to writing Westerdale, a saga of two families related by tragedy in the style of an early 19th century author.

Miss Holman didn’t study English until later on in life.

She said: “It’s an amazing gift, I wouldn’t trade it for all the riches.”

The naturally talented writer is in fact far from materialistic as she aims to use the proceeds of the book to set up a cat shelter in Morley.

Miss Holman said: “I have rescued 2,000 animals. I don’t want money or anything but good friends and most importantly I have my cats.”

The author regularly adopts rescue cats and cares for them whilst she writes. But she said that “spirit” writing could be quite intense because “it’s like you’re living it.”

However Miss Holman said one of the benefits of writing books is that it acts as an escape from her own mental health illnesses.

She has suffered from severe anxiety and depression and finds that some days she struggles to leave the house.

Fortunately her friends sometimes do her shopping or take her out and give her the encouragement she needs to continue.

Miss Holman said that her writing fits around her life and is the only job she could do. “This is my dream to do it for a living,” she said.

And Miss Holman is penning her way to success as Westerdale has already had rave reviews, so she is now looking forward to a bright future.

Westerdale is published by Olympia Publishers, priced: £8.99. Orders can be placed through Amazon, leading bookshops or through the Olympia office directly.




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