More events planned for First World War centenary

Some events will centre around the war memorial in Scatcherd Park.

Some events will centre around the war memorial in Scatcherd Park.

Morley will commemorate the centenary of the First World War next year with a series of special events.

The programme, called Morley 1914, which is run by the town centre manager Rachael Kennedy and a group of volunteers, will kick off in January with a Family History Roadshow.

Mrs Kennedy said: “We are inviting residents of Morley Borough to have a rummage through their own family history and attics to search for any documents, postcards, artefacts andobjects related to the First World War.”

The roadshow will take place at Morley Town Hall in January with experts from University of Leeds and curators from Leeds Museums.

Any one is invited to come along and share memories or stories about their families, friends and neighbours to trigger conversations about local wartime heritage.

There will be a festival from August 2-3, also at the town hall, exploring life in Morley in 1914, looking at the role of women, animals in service, children at work, how local people found entertainment, live workshops, local history talks, street theatre and exhibitions.

The Morley 1914 team is also encouraging local people to plant red poppies at home and at work, “to make Morley awash with this significant symbol of remembrance,” said Mrs Kennedy.

There will be a memorial service on Monday, August 4 marking the onset of the First World War.

The focus group have submitted a bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund in a bid to bring the events to life. Anyone wanting to get involved should contact Mrs Kennedy on 07534 603767 or morleyevents@live.co.uk




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