Morley mums optimistic for New Year

A group of mums met with Asda's executive people director Hayley Tatum. (d621a348)

A group of mums met with Asda's executive people director Hayley Tatum. (d621a348)

Morley mums don’t feel politicians promises are filtering down to them, although they are optimistic about what the New Year will bring.

A group of eight mums from Morley and surrounding areas took part in a special focus group hosted by Asda’s Mumdex, a quarterly report focusing on issues which affect them and their families.

The economy may not be great, but savvy mums have found ways to protect spending on their kids and, maintain a good standard of living. They all shop around, and browse online for the best deals.

Mum Tracey Connah said: “I’ve spent money to save money in the long run. I bought a shellac nail kit on offer at £45 but it means I’ll save lots of money next year.”

And it is essentials too, that mums have had to reconsider, such as “heating or eating.”

Mum-of-four Tania Sidebottom, 47, said: “Energy and gas prices are just scandalous now.”

The group met on the week of the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement when mums called on the government to put more pressure on the energy companies.  

They also said they’d like the government to provide subsidies on fruit and vegetables as well as more help with childcare costs.

Lisa Tallant, 30, who volunteers at a children’s centre, said the cost of childcare can make it inviable to work.

Concerns were also raised about older children and the issue of youth unemployment.

Tracey welcomed new apprenticeship schemes, she said: “This is a good thing, young people can get relevant experience but there should be something more for older people too.”

But most mums were feeling optimistic about the future as long as they searched for better deals to cut costs.

rom Morley, said: “I’ve started to notice business is picking up, there’s more building again and more shops, such as boutiques, have been opening in Morley. I’m looking forward to next year as I’m getting married after 18 years of being with my partner.”




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