Morley schools raise cash for Diabetes UK

Louise Simonian with pupils from Morley primary schools who have been working together to raise over �600 for Diabetes UK. (D515A404)

Louise Simonian with pupils from Morley primary schools who have been working together to raise over �600 for Diabetes UK. (D515A404)

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Children from Morley schools have been working together to raise over £611 for charity.

Pupils from Ardsley and Tingley have been dressing up in blue, baking buns and organising a healthy tuck shop to raise money for Diabetes UK, which will help the charity care for, connect with and campaign on behalf of people affected by and at risk of diabetes.

The fundraising effort was organised by pupils at Woodkirk Academy as part of the area’s cluster council activities and also involved children learning more about diabetes through awareness raising talks by speakers from the charity.

Staff at Westerton Primary School dressed up in blue for their Go Blue day and held a bun sale, which raised £500.

Enterprising youngsters from East Ardsley primary raised over £91 from the sale of buns and Blackgates Primary School donated £20 from their healthy tuck shop.

Hill Top Primary will also be taking part, but plan to hold their fundraising event later in the year.

Louise Simonian, acting fundraising manager for Diabetes UK Northern and Yorkshire, said: “I would like to thank all the young people involved.
“We are so grateful for all the hard work they have put into all the different events and thank everyone for the money donated so generously.

“Diabetes UK is working towards a future without diabetes. The charity also helps people manage their diabetes effectively by providing information, advice and support.”

Duncan Grant, chair of the Ardsley, Tingley Schools and Services Cluster said the cluster council had worked hard, since its relatively recent inception at raising awareness of diabetes in young people.

He said: “This was an issue and campaign that the council itself chose to support because of its relevance to them and because they felt that they could make a difference in doing so.

“Through their drive, commitment and collaboration they have not only fundraised in each setting but welcomed visiting speaker from Diabetes UK in order that each school and community understands the need of people with diabetes, empathises with their circumstance and realise the impact that it can have upon lives.
“We are exceptionally proud of all that they have done.”

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