Over 200 objections to traveller site plan

Local residents and councillors protest at the plans to build a travellers site.

Local residents and councillors protest at the plans to build a travellers site.

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Almost 200 objections have been sent to Leeds City Council’s planning department after plans to build a 55-pitch traveller site in Morley were unveiled.

The shock plan came to light last week after the application was submitted to change the former oil refinery on Valley Road, near Morley train station, to a traveller caravan park.

The plan says the reason for the application is because “there are no negotiated stopping sites or transit sites in Leeds for gypsies and travellers who are passing through Leeds and need to stay a few days or overnight. They therefore choose to make unauthorised encampments.

“The key reason for unauthorised encampments is the lack of permanent sites in the city.”

The plan has caused outrage in the Morley community, with people objecting on grounds of the site being too large and that a travellers site already exists, and is being expanded, at Cottingley Springs. Coun Robert Finnigan said: “It is utterly unacceptable.

“The application has come completely out of the blue and if allowed, the site will be bigger than Cottingley Springs after it is expanded.

“It is far too large, it’s a contaminated site and will have a significant impact on residents.

“It would mean there would be 100 plus caravans in Morley. Sites for travellers should be shared and not put onto Morley alone. It’s unfair.

l A public meeting has been organised for Monday, May 12 at 7pm at Morley Town Hall for people to hear more about the plan.

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