Policing project aims to cut down on crime

A project to help reduce crime in Morley is underway to protect people from burglary.

Coun Neil Dawson and colleagues on the Outer South Area Committee have provided funds of over £1200 towards Operation Dark Night.

The project, part of Morley Neighbourhood Policing Team’s Crime Reduction Plan, aims to reduce burglary in areas with high crime.

At least 200 vulnerable residents will be visited and offered advice on securing their homes. Residents’ valuables will be marked with UV security pens and officers will be provided with UV lamps to help identify any stolen items. Leaflets and letters will be circulated in the communities to increase awareness of ways to prevent burglary.

It’s hoped there will be 60 hours of additional policing operations in the area to ensure as much as possible is done to reduce and prevent burglary in Morley.

Coun Neil Dawson said: “Homes are more at risk during the darker winter months and we must do all we can to prevent and reduce crime at this time.

“Operation Dark Night will help to bring about a significant drop in the numbers of burglaries and other crimes in Morley and I am delighted we have been able to fund the project.”

Operation Dark Night is part of a wider initiative by Safer Leeds to support the Police’s autumn and winter burglary campaign, which was launched earlier this year under the ‘It only takes a minute’ banner to pre-empt the predicted spike in offences.

New measures, such as bus stop signs telling people to ‘light up, lock up and be secure’ have been introduced across the area.

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