Potty problem for town’s cyclists?

Large potholes causing danger to motorists and cyclists.

Large potholes causing danger to motorists and cyclists.

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Cyclists and other road users across Morley and Outwood must feel the benefits of better roads in the wake of the Tour de France, a would-be MP has said.

After millions of people took to Yorkshire’s streets to watch the elite cyclists in the Tour de France, thousands will be taking to their own bikes onto the streets in the days, weeks and months to come. 
But some of the roads around Morley and Outwood are in disrepair and Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate Andrea Jenkyns is urging Leeds City Council to make sure the streets are free from potholes for cyclists and all road users. 
Last month Leeds Council received £1,567,656 from the Government to go to fixing potholes.
Ms Jenkyns said the council must make haste with pothole repair schemes to ensure the excitement for cycling created by the Tour de France is not ruined by poor roads. 
“I am very pleased the council made bids for the cash and can fix thousands of potholes with it,” Ms Jenkyns said. 
“But I will be watching closely to make sure people living in Morley and Outwood see their share of road repairs. 
“We need to see all the money channelled into all areas, including Morley and Outwood, as people here need smoother roads just as much anywhere else. 
“Leeds Council in particular has shown it can fix the roads for the Tour de France but now they need to continue working to make sure all cyclists, not just the elite athletes, can feel the benefits of good road surfaces.
“I’m also asking people in Morley and Outwood to report any potholes to me and I can pass the details on to the council and try to make sure the repairs are made quickly and effectively.”
To report a pothole email Andrea Jenkyns at andrea@andreajenkyns.com or call 07456 730999.

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