‘Power to the people’ as Ardsley Reservoir developer withdraws plan

PEOPLE POWER Eleanor Hudson, 14, got more than 230 people to sign her petition against the homes plan.

PEOPLE POWER Eleanor Hudson, 14, got more than 230 people to sign her petition against the homes plan.

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Developers who wanted to build on a nature spot in West Ardsley have withdrawn their application.

Stonebridge Homes and Keyland Developments Limited applied to Leeds City Council’s planning department to build 13 houses at a site next to Ardsley Reservoir.

The plan also included a replacement carpark and associated works.

However, they withdrew their application on Friday to the delight of campaigners opposed to the scheme.

Coun Wyn Kidger, a coordinator for MARC (Morley Against Reckless Construction), said the news was another string to the bow for MARC.

“MARC threw its weight behind the opposition to this proposal and I would like to say a personal thank you to everyone involved,” she said.

“We leafleted the area and was very pleased with how many people stopped to talk about it.”

One very happy campaigner is school girl Eleanor Hudson, who launched her own battle against developers wanting to build on the spot opposite her home in Haigh Moor Road.

Eleanor, 14, a pupil at Woodkirk Academy, decided to start the petition when she heard the news of the planned development.

Proud mum Beverley Hudson said: “All her life she has looked out of her bedroom window and looked over the fields and reservoir, which has meant a lot to her.

“The thought of that disappearing spurred her on.”

Eleanor knocked on neighbours doors in the wintery weather and walked around the reservoir talking to visitors, urging everyone to support her campaign.

She collected more than 230 signatures for the petition, which she sent to planning chiefs the council.

Mrs Hudson said: “There has been a lot of support.

“It’s a bit of a beauty spot and gets hundreds of visitors each week, especially in the summer.

“We were shocked and disgusted that it could be just taken away like that.”

Mrs Hudson said: “With them withdrawing their application, I think they felt that local opposition was too strong and Eleanor’s petition had indeed made a difference. Power to the people!

“We are incredibly pleased with the outcome and very proud of Eleanor.”

Planning regulations state that the applicant can submit plans for the same site again, but they must be made within a 12 month period.

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