Rebecca aiming to get Morley running

Former IT expert Rebecca Roach is now a personal trainer and running coach in Morley.

Former IT expert Rebecca Roach is now a personal trainer and running coach in Morley.


Rebecca Roach used to spend 70 hours-a-week hunched over a glaring computer screen until a physio told her that she may never move her arms again if she carried on.

Former IT expert Rebecca knew things had to change. She had spent her career sat at a desk although she really loved keeping fit. She had also had enough of the “corporate route.”

Mrs Roach’s turning-point came just seven years ago and since then she has retrained

as a fitness coach whilst her mum ill with Alzheimer’s and, earlier this year, she also completed a Run England course whilst being 38 weeks pregnant.

The now fully-qualified mum-of-two has helped many people across Morley to “get moving” like she did.

“It’s the time of year when people start to think about it, after a blow-out at Christmas and New Year,” she said.

“The main focus for me is to get people moving,” said the 41-year-old.

After giving fitness advice to many she realised that people were unsure about where to run in the town, so she set up her own running club in September last year.

As well as Forward Steps Running Club, the mum-of-two runs other fitness classes that compliment the running training such as, pilates and BOOsT Camp.

She said: “Everyone has to start somewhere, so do not worry about your starting level. You can guarantee if you keep thinking about it but do nothing, then nothing will change.”

Her first Thursday evening session of the New Year attracted a whopping 31 runners last week.

For more information, go to: www.forward-steps.co.uk.




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