School parking problems spark complaints

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Latest news...

“Selfish” parking outside a school stopped an ambulance getting through as well as blocking in local residents, it has been alleged.

Caroline Spillane, who lives on Hesketh Lane next to Westerton School, said that day-long parking on the street was becoming increasingly worse. She said: “The parking is so selfish on Hesketh Lane, there have been times when we cannot pull in or out of our driveway or we are completely blocked in.”
Mrs Spillane, who she is used to busy times in mornings and evenings due to the school rush, thinks that it is school visitors and staff causing the problem.
Currently there is no Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) in place on the road, however, there are yellow zig zag lines which means people shouldn’t park, stop or wait there. 
Leeds City Council said one of its officers was currently looking at it but without a TRO they were unable to give out parking tickets in the area.




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