Slideshow: Giant pillow fight at Hunslet Hawks’ stadium raises thousands for Desmos

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A bid to set a new record for the world’s biggest pillow fight raised thousands for charitable work overseas.

Rugby club Hunslet Hawks let the charity Desmos take over its South Leeds Stadium on Saturday for the world record attempt.

Organisers said around 1,000 people turned to have fun in the name of a good cause.

Despite falling short of the 5,000 people needed to break the record, the event has raised more than £3,000 so far.

Volunteer Kyriakos Kyriakopoulos said: “The success for us was not to beat the record, but to raise as much money for the cause that we wanted and to donate as many products as possible to organisations in need via the not-for-profit organisation Desmos.

“We are very satisfied how the event went and we are grateful to our volunteers.”

Volunteers and supporters were entertained with live music and Greek delicacies, and had the chance to browse various fundraising stalls before the pillow fight began.

Everyone who took part also had the chance to buy a discounted ticket to watch Hunslet Hawks play against York City Knights the following day.

Mr Kyriakopoulos said: “We simply wanted to organise an event where it would be a fun, easy and entertaining way of giving.

“There are always alternatives and easy way to offer help, and in this case it was the individual’s donation and companies who donated their products to Desmos.”

The day was run by members of the volunteering community PoWEr, which organises fundraising activities for Desmos.

Money raised is used by Desmos to help schools in Greece.

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