Trees destroyed by Churwell vandals

Keith Barber is hoping the vandals will be ashamed.  (d316b415)

Keith Barber is hoping the vandals will be ashamed. (d316b415)

A Churwell resident says he is disgusted at the “mindless vandals” who have been damaging saplings planted to make the area attractive.

Keith Barber said there are just two trees left from the original six that were planted by Tesco when the supermarket opened in the village in 2011.

Mr Barber said: “It’s just sheer mindless vandalism.

“There were six saplings planted and over the last six months vandals have been breaking them.

“What they get out of doing it I don’t know.”

Mr Barber said Tesco look after the land around the supermarket and are always having to clean up after the vandals.

He said: “I have no idea who is doing it, or why.

“It has been lovely to look out and see the green grass and trees.

“I hope those responsible for killing them read this and feel very ashamed of themselves.”




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