Video: Film dream becomes reality for Morley pharmacist

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Six unlucky passengers find themselves stranded overnight in a remote Yorkshire train station, the night before Christmas Eve.

That’s the beginning of the film by a Morley-based pharmacist who is busy preparing for her first premiere.

Budding actress Sarah Jayne Deery, who works at Boots, joined forces with her friend and magician Matt Grindley to pursue her dream of making a feature film.

She said: “I think I was naive. The learning curve has been insane.”

Sarah based the film on the play The Ghost Train by Arnold Ridley of Dad’s Army fame, but she changed the ending.

Her re-imagining of the 1926 classic was filmed at Oakworth Station near Haworth – a location previously used in the film The Railway Children – in just nine nights with a cast and crew of up-and-coming local film talent.

Sarah said: “It’s a profit share, no-one got paid.”

But any profits from the film will be split between all those who contributed.

The team managed to get through filming on a very low budget but they met their biggest hurdle when it came to editing it. They needed £3000 to finish off the film so the project had to be put on hold for more than a year.

“I just couldn’t leave it,” said Sarah who was determined to reward all of the contributors for their hard work.

So Matt and Sarah turned to crowd-funding website Kickstarter and, relied on the generosity and support of family and friends to help finish their spooky tale.

The film is set to premiere at Keighley Playhouse on December 21 in front of an audience of 300.




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