Police dog back on patrol after 40ft fall

Police pooch Gimley with his handler PC Yates.
Police pooch Gimley with his handler PC Yates.

A faithful police dog is back on the beat after falling 40ft off a cliff while chasing a suspect in Gildersome.

Police pooch Gimley and his handler, PC Tim Yates, had been called out in the hunt for a suspect after reports of a vehicle failing to stop.

The car had been abandoned around Gildersome and a suspect had been tracked to a patch of nearby woodland.

PC Yates, 46, said during the search the six year-old West Yorkshire Police dog fell down the drop.

He said: “It was one of those heart wrenching moments. Then he got up, hobbled, and started to make his way back up the ravine.”

The suspect was caught and Gimley was taken to the vet who confirmed there were no broken bones or internal injuries. He is now back on patrol with PC Yates.