Police tackle teen bikers

The Off-Road Bike Team have been out in Morley.
The Off-Road Bike Team have been out in Morley.

Police have been out tackling nuisance bikes in the area.

Officers spotted an off-road mini motorbike being ridden on the playing fields and on the road on Glen Road, Morley in an anti-social manner.

Enquiries were made and with the help of the Off-Road Bike Team the bike/riders were found nearby.

A 16-year-old received a section 59 warning for riding the bike on the fields and a 17-year-old who was riding it on the road was issued with a section 59 warning and has been reported for no insurance, driving otherwise in accordance with a licence, no helmet, no tax and no MOT.

The mini-motorbike was found in the back garden of his address hidden under a tarpaulin and was also seized under the Road Traffic Act.

A West Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “We realise anti-social behaviour is an issue so if you anything in future please let us know about it by ringing 101.”