Friesian at last! Firefighters remoo-ve cow stuck in sink hole

Firefighters have said a cow rescued from a sink hole had got itself into an " inescapabull position".

A specialist technical rescue team had to be mobilised after the animal got stuck in a field in the Norwood Green area, near Bradford, West Yorkshire.

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue said on Facebook: " Our Technical Rescue and Cleckheaton crew had to help re-moove a cow that had gotten itself in an inescapabull position stuck in a sink hole!

"Crews and the farmer managed to dig a hole around the trapped cow and once the hole was big enough they used used a lifting sling to cow-ordinate the animal out of the hole.

" The cow was rescued unharmed."

Another social media user responded to the Facebook post saying: "Good work everyone. Heroes without a cape. I can see why my son wants to be just like you one day."

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