A LEVEL RESULTS: Woodkirk Academy head congratulates students on ‘excellent’ results

Bryony Cusworth, Lydia Wood, Daniel McCarthy and Shanine Clarke celebrate their results at Woodkirk Academy.
Bryony Cusworth, Lydia Wood, Daniel McCarthy and Shanine Clarke celebrate their results at Woodkirk Academy.

Woodkirk Academy headteacher Jonathan White has said his school has posted a set of “excellent” A-level results

He said the results confirmed the academy’s status as a first class sixth form.

The average points per entry was the highest ever at Woodkirk, resulting in the vast majority of students being accepted on their first choice university course.

Mr White said: “Congratulations to all our students and thank you to the staff for their hard work, proving yet again that Woodkirk Academy is the best choice for students going to sixth form in the area.

“We look forward to welcoming new students in September and wish those leaving us good luck with their future careers.”

Notable individual successes at the school included Madie Allen with four A*s, Shanine Clarke (four A*s), Charlie Sykes (three A*, one C), Meagan Stabler (three A*s, one D), Lydia Wood (two A*s, two As) and Joseph Hammond (four As).

Woodkirk Academy Year 13 A2 Results 2013

O Addinall eng lang, hist; M Akhtar biol, chem, maths; S Ali apld sci, eng lang; H Allen hist, rel studs; M Allen chem**, Famaths**, maths**, phys**; L Andrews eng lang, gen studs, ict, law; L Asquith eng lang*, hist, sociol*; L Bagley eng lang, eng lit, gov and polits; G Bailey maths*, phys*, psychol; L Bannister eng lang, hist, rel studs; K Bardsley eng lang*, hist, psychol; I Basser busi studs, chem, ict; E Bedford busi studs, psychol; J Benson mus tech; L Bilton busi studs, geog, maths; B Birchenough apld sci; A Blakey biol, busi studs, maths; L Blatherwick pe; T Borkwood art, eng lang, eng lit; I Brailey eng lit, gov and polits*, hist; R Broadhurst gen studs, sociol; S Caine eng lang, gen studs, gov and polits, mus tech; K Carbutt biol, eng lang, gen studs, gov and polits; J Carlin busi studs, gen studs, hist, rel studs; T Casserly apld sci, pe; J Chadwick eng lit, maths*, phys; L Chamberlain biol*, chem, germ; E Clark biol, chem, maths; A Cole busi studs*, law**, psychol; J Cowan biol, sociol*; L Cowling apld sci, maths; A Cox art, hist, psychol; B Cusworth eng lang, gov and polits, law*; A Daji pe; N Damaniya maths*, prod des; L Davidson eng lit, gov and polits, hist; C Davies gov and polits, hist, pe; L Davies hist, pe; W Downing law; M Durkin law*, psychol, sociol**; E Dutton gen studs, geog, law, maths; C Early-Pickersgill chem, eng lang*, gen studs, maths; J Ellis busi studs, ict; L Emerson hist, pe, psychol; V Fielding eng lang, gen studs, sociol; H Foster busi studs, eng lang; J Fulton maths, phys, prod des; N Furness psychol; W Green eng lang, gen studs, hist, maths; J Hammond biol*, chem*, maths*, phys*; R Han chem, maths, phys; D Hardcastle rel studs; M Harding chem*, maths*, phys*; B Harris busi studs; K Hawkridge maths, pe; J Hinton art, law*, prod des; K Holmes busi studs, psychol, rel studs; J Horncastle chem, gen studs, maths, phys; A Horner eng lang, psychol*; M Iqbal sociol; J Jackson busi studs*, sociol; C James maths, sociol; H Johnson busi studs, psychol, rel studs; J Jones biol, gen studs, geog, pe; L Kennedy gen studs, hist, law, maths*; E Kidger eng lit, hist, law; D Kilroy hist; J Kirkbright apld sci, gen studs, ict, law; A Lambat apld sci, prod des; S Langan eng lang, hist, psychol; R Latif biol, eng lit*, germ; C Lee busi studs, Famaths, maths*; S Lee busi studs; L Macbeth biol, chem*, maths*; U Mahmood apld sci, busi studs, gen studs, law; L Martin eng lang; C Mason gen studs, ict, prod des; J Mason apld sci, art, psychol; D Mccarthy eng lang, gen studs, gov and polits*, law; Y Mcgregor gen studs, sociol; H Mcilroy eng lang, ict; C Mclean biol, chem, phys; L Miller gen studs, law, maths, rel studs; D Mortimer ict, maths*, phys; D Naylor biol, gen studs, gov and polits, hist; O Newton biol, maths, psychol; A Noble gen studs, ict, prod des; A Norbury chem, Famaths**, maths**; J North biol, maths*, pe; A Northern busi studs, law, maths; J Oyston busi studs, ict, maths; G Parr busi studs, ict; M Parry busi studs, eng lit, psychol; D Pichlak gen studs, ict**, maths*, psychol; E Poskett busi studs, eng lang, pe*; J Quinn eng lang, gen studs*, gov and polits, hist; N Raje psychol, rel studs, sociol; B Ramsden gov and polits, hist; O Rawson busi studs*, hist*, maths; C Reynolds eng lang, gen studs, hist, maths; A Rhodes art, psychol; G Rossi eng lit, psychol, rel studs; J Rudge eng lit, pe; A Rushforth busi studs, gen studs, sociol; G Rushforth eng lang, law, mus tech; B Schofield hist; C Seddon hist, prod des; E Shackleton busi studs, ict; A Shales chem, gen studs, maths, psychol; H Shephard gen studs, hist, law, psychol; D Smith chem, Famaths, maths; S Smith art*, biol, eng lang*; S Sowray germ, rel studs*, sociol*; T Spencer hist, pe, psychol; M Stabler eng lang; S Stead gen studs, gov and polits; E Stephenson apld sci, maths; G Stribley gov and polits, hist, maths; L Summerscales eng lang, gen studs, germ, psychol; C Sykes eng lit; J Sykes gen studs, ict, maths, psychol; A Tai apld sci, busi studs; C Taylor gov and polits, hist, psychol; A Thornton eng lang, gen studs, gov and polits, maths; H Thorpe geog, law, maths; L Tomlinson eng lit*, hist, psychol; K Vizard eng lang, perf studs; K Vrahlioti biol, chem, geog; Z Wagstaff eng lang, eng lit*, rel studs; J Wainwright biol, chem, maths; L Ward apld sci, busi studs; C Wilkinson biol*, chem*, phys*; L Wood gen studs**, gov and polits*, hist**, rel studs*; S Wood germ, ict; D Woodhead mus tech, perf studs, prod des; K Woolner eng lit, hist, rel studs; K Wrotecka apld sci, gov and polits, hist, polish*;