Stellar show from Woodkirk pupils

The cast of Starlight Express.
The cast of Starlight Express.

Woodkirk Academy has always been famous for the quality of its annual show.

Quite a few years have passed since I was a pupil there, but it is fantastic to see the tradition lives on.

This year Woodkirk put on Starlight Express, probably its most ambitious show since Barnum in 1995, when pupils were taught circus skills.

Starlight Express is famed for its roller-skating characters, and it did cross my mind that we might see a few You’ve Been Framed style moments – but true to form, not one pupil put a roller boot wrong and were most impressive on eight wheels.

Starlight Express tells the story of a big train race and a budding relationship between steam engine Rusty and Pearl the observation coach.

The main characters were excellent and sung beautifully, including Lewis Dixon as Rusty, Oliver Seage as Greaseball, Max Smith as Electra and Thomas Lillywhite as Poppa, and female leads Megan Jennings as Pearl, Rebekka Jones as Dinah, Sophie Denton as Duvay, and of course Alice Schofield as Control.

The band, costumes, choreography, sound and lighting were all very professional, as was the set design.

It was clear that every character, from the main stars to the flag waving race marshall Bradley Coffey had taken immense pride in their performances. It was a joy to see my old school still putting on a top class show.