Meeting to find permanent Morley heritage home

A meeting will discuss ways to find a permanent home for Morley Heritage Centre.
A meeting will discuss ways to find a permanent home for Morley Heritage Centre.

A meeting has been called to try and find a more permanent base for a popular collection of Morley’s history.

Local collector and historian Peter Aldred opened Morley Heritage Centre earlier this year with his 55-year-old collection of historical artefacts and photographs.

Since then he has been inundated with visitors, ideas and requests, leading to Mr Aldred, 80, calling for volunteers to man the centre.

But its future remains uncertain.

The shop in Albion Street has always been a temporary base until the unit is sold. And now with interest in the premises coming from potential buyers, Mr Aldred and his supporters are concerned about the centre’s future.

Mr Aldred said: “I’ve wanted to find a permanent place for my collection for a long time now.

“It’s proven very popular with people of all ages since opening and it would be a shame to lose it.

“I’ve recently helped children from Victoria Primary School with their projects.

“They showed such interest in the history of the town and did some great work.

“People are coming and going all the time.”

Mr Aldred has said that Morley MP Ed Balls had been a great help, so much so he has organised a meeting for December 13 to discuss the future of the centre, inviting key figures in the town and within the council.

He hopes they will offer their ideas and support.

Mr Balls said: “Peter has already put in such a lot of hard work.

“It’s vital we now find a permanent place for his amazing collection documenting precious Morley heritage.

“That’s why I’ve arranged a meeting in a couple of weeks to look at all the alternatives and what people like me and Leeds City Council can do to help.”