A family’s story of war to be told by amateur operatic group

The cast are ready to take to the stage.
The cast are ready to take to the stage.

With opening night just one week away, the cast and crew of Morley Amateur Operatic Society are working hard to make sure that their production of When the Lights Go on Again will be the success that it deserves to be.

Steven Holt, who will play the part of Fred Parker in the show, said: “Over the past few months the rehearsals have been split into singing rehearsals, then setting movement to the musical numbers, with separate rehearsals for the script.

“The various aspects of the production are gradually coming together and the remaining rehearsals will be full runs of the show, with time to concentrate on anything that needs extra work. There are only two days to build the set, install lighting and sound equipment, rehearse and run scene changes.

“It never ceases to amaze me how everyone just gets on with their own various tasks. Our audience see the finished production on the stage, possibly without realising everything that is involved. There are around 40 people in the show, but we wouldn’t be able to stage any show without the army of unseen workers behind the scenes.”

MAOS first performed the show in 2009, and many people that saw that production have already ordered their tickets.

Steven said: “We’ve been selling tickets in Morley Market and people are telling us how much they’re looking forward to seeing it again. There are still plenty of tickets left for all performances.

“We have a great cast and they are really looking forward to show week, those that were in the 2009 production know exactly what to expect when they get in front of an audience. It really is a humbling experience taking part in the show and seeing what the Morley and British families had to endure during the war years.”

The show tells the story of family life during the war years and runs from Wednesday September 30 to Sunday October 4. There are evening performances at 7.15pm on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and matinees on Saturday and Sunday at 2.15pm. Tickets, £11 or £9 concessions, can be ordered by calling 07960766334 or visiting the MAOS stall in Morley Market on Friday and Saturday from 9.30am to noon.