A ghoulish lot of history at Morley Market

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It may not be Halloween just yet, but could Morley Market be home to supernatural beings and ghosts?

The market is an icon of community spirit in the town in which a number of sole traders operate, but an altogether new side of it may now have been exposed.

A group of ghost hunters recently spent an evening in search of evidence that the town centre attraction is haunted, and stumbled across some unusual occurrences.

Snappers managed to capture a number of inexplicable shadows and reflections on the walls and shutters of the market during the night, including one which appears to show a strangely shaped spotlight on one of the walls.

The group was led by market manager David Wilson and included a small entourage of mediums, as well as some cynics. Members of the group have testified that they also heard a number of strange noises and voices on the night, including the recurrence of the name “Jennifer” and one voice whispering “Let’s go to the Queens,” a potential reference to the pub situated nextdoor.

The market was built in 1884 and opened for trade in the late 19th century. The capturing of an orb on the market’s CCTV back in 2011 led to paranormal interest in the building.

Market manager David Wilson said: “It was a very strange experience. We split up into two groups and the fact that came back and reported the same feelings suggests that maybe there is more to the place than meets the eye.

“There were some things that rational processing could not explain and I’m a sceptic myself.”