Academy engineers learn from American students

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Young engineers were shown what learning is like across the pond by students from America during a special visit.

Engineers from the University of Houston in Texas jetted across the pond and dropped into Woodkirk Academy this month.

The group of 11 engineering students and staff from the US and discussed their current research project with pupils aged between 14 and 16.

The overseas students have been creating environmentally friendly cars.

Their trip was organised to help them learn about how science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)subjects are taught to pupils in the UK.

Pupils at Woodkirk Academy have also been taking part in a series of presentations and talks from a range of professionals from industries covering Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Students who form the school’s STEM group have been attending special after school workshops this month run by visiting professionals and academics. Topics at the workshops ranged from the manufacture of flood defences to parasitic infections. The school is also currently involved in a research project with Oxford University.

Hardworking Woodkirk students at the school were recognised for their efforts to improve attendance.

l Year 12 and 13 pupils were treated to a takeaway delivery of Domino’s pizzas at school last week.

As a cohort, the students have improved their attendance figure year-on-year.

Their attendance rose from 95.9 per cent in 2015 to 96.9 per cent in 2016.

The one per cent attendance increase from September through to February half term equates to 489 extra days attendance in school.

It also means each pupils effectively attended one-and-a-half extra days at school than the previous year.

Teacher Robert Ellis said: “This is an excellent achievement by everyone involved.  “Well done to years’ 12 and 13 and keep up the good work.”