Action man Jordan saves family from town centre blaze

Jordan Buchan, 22, saw the fire on High Street and knocked on doors, waking up people living nearby.
Jordan Buchan, 22, saw the fire on High Street and knocked on doors, waking up people living nearby.

A nightclub worker has been hailed as a life-saving hero after he managed to alert a family that their house was close catching fire as they slept.

Jordan Buchan, 22, had just finished his shift at JDs nightclub in the early hours of Sunday May 3 when he realised there was a blaze at the new block of flats at the junction of High Street and Fountain Street.



The flames threatened to engulf the home belonging to a family of four next door, which is separated from the new build by only a wall.

At first Jordan blocked the road to stop traffic moving towards the fire and then vaulted a gate to get round the back of the family home and banged on the windows to try and wake them up.

He said: “I realised when they had the cat out in the garden that the family must have been inside, because you wouldn’t go away and leave your pet behind.

“I jumped over the gate and started banging on the doors because I thought ‘What if there’s a family or kids in there?’

“I started to kick the gate and then the door down.

“It was difficult and it felt like it took me forever.

“With canisters exploding all around you it was difficult but all I was thinking was just ‘Get them out’.”

The family, who do not want to be named, have a 12 year-old daughter and an 18 year-old son. The mum of the family said that the incident could have been much worse had they not been woken up in time.

She said: “We all dived out of bed and ran outside. As we came out of the back of the house, Jordan came running through from banging on the front door, telling us to get out.

“We saw the corner of the house and car port had started to catch fire, which we started to put out - then the fire service arrived and took over.

“If we hadn’t woken up, who knows what could have happened.

“If it had been windy, the fire would have blown onto our house. It could have been so much worse.”

The fire’s intense heat melted the house’s window frames and the PVC on the car port.

“I’ve never seen such a bright, intense colour of fire in all my life. It really is lucky we woke up.”

Jordan rapped on the doors of a number of other neighbours while waiting for fire crews and said that the family had tracked him down on social media site Facebook a couple of days later to thank him personally.

He said: “I got a message from them on Facebook saying ‘Thank you, you’ve saved our lives.’ It brought a tear to my eye, the most important thing is that they’re OK.”

Police have confirmed they are treating the fire as arson but have yet to make any arrests.