Action needed to improve safety at accident blackspot

Calls are being made to improve safety on Moorland Road in Drighlington. (D526G311)
Calls are being made to improve safety on Moorland Road in Drighlington. (D526G311)

Action needs be taken to improve safety around a road accident blackspot, a councillor has said.

Coun Robert Finnigan’s call to reduce the speed limit at the Moorlands Road and Station Road junction in Drighlington comes after another crash there during the weekend.

Coun Finnigan said “This is a location that we have had some concerns about for some time. We are already looking at the junction to see what improvements can be made but with this further accident over the weekend it is clear that a full review of the roads and junction needs to be undertaken to include speed limits around the village.

“Sadly this is not an isolated incident and my view is that the road markings there are not as strong as they should be. “

Highways officers and representatives from Drighlington Parish Council are to visit the junction with a view to improving the road markings and reducing the speed limit.

Coun Finnigan added: “We will be working closely with the Parish Council and local residents to explore every practical option available to us to make the roads in Drighlington safer.

“Though plans have been in place to improve safety on the road, I feel we need to accelerate that process.”

The road has a history of problems and concerns about parking and traffic have been flagged up by road users and pedestrians before.

In March 2013, a three year-old boy escaped with minor injuries after being struck at low speed by a vehicle outside Drighlington Primary School as pupils made their way home for the day.

And also in January 2013 , a 52 year-old motorcyclist was knocked off his bike at the same junction, causing him a broken leg and serious spinal injuries as a result.

There is currently a 30 mile per hour speed limit on Moorland Road and Station Road.

Kay Warren lives near the junction in Drighlington and said her son, now 15, was once knocked down close to the junction on his way out of school.

Luckily, he did not suffer any permanent injuries.

Kay says she thinks speed-bumps and a zebra crossing would significantly improve the safety of the road, especially for young children.

“The issue with Moorland Road is if you look right and there’s cars parked all along the road your visibility’s reduced and you just can’t see,” she said.

“It’s particularly a problem on sunny summer afternoons when children are using the area for the park or the library or the skatepark and you’ve got cars parked outside the park.”