Alice’s Adventures in Waterland

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Young Alice Hirst Sewell of Morley has become something of a social media celebrity in recent days after pictures of her first swimming lesson at the grand age of one week old were posted on Facebook by her Dad, Kenny.

Kenny and mum, Sarah, decided to start Alice swimming with the specialist baby swimming school, Water Babies, at such an early age because they wanted her to learn to swim as soon as possible from both a confidence as well as a safety point of view. It is also proving to be a great bonding experience for Alice and her Dad and well deserved time-out for her mum.

Alice has been completely unaware of all the attention though as she managed to sleep throughout the whole of her first lesson. However, she did wake up long enough during her subsequent lessons to do her first underwater swims.

Kenny said: “I must admit I was pretty nervous (more so than Alice) about Alice actually going underwater but like all the other members of the class, she came up out of the water showing no reaction whatsoever, which apparently is the most common response. Hopefully this means she is going to be more awake in the future to experience her underwater swims again.”

Her Water Babies teacher, Arran Macdonald, said: “Swimming with your baby is a magical experience for both parent and child, allowing you some special one on one time to focus on each other in the relaxed environment that water provides. In addition to bonding benefits, studies have shown that participating babies have improved sleeping and eating patterns, thanks to the hidden

physical workout received during the gentle class.”

Alice’s weekly adventures in the water have been captured and posted by Kenny and Sarah and followed by her growing number of Facebook fans. To follow her progress on her own “Alice’s Diary” blog, please see:

Water Babies classes are available in Wakefield and across the Yorkshire area. For more information, contact the team at Water Babies Yorkshire (Central) on 01943 862802, email or visit