Amy to raise cash for fellow sufferers

Amy Mandelj who suffers from Vasculitis is raising cash for fellow sufferers.
Amy Mandelj who suffers from Vasculitis is raising cash for fellow sufferers.

A Morley woman who suffers from a rare health condition is running a fundraiser to support others who are affected by it.

Amy Mandelj was diagnosed with an aggressive form of vasculitis, which causes inflammation of the blood vessels and makes the immune system attack itself.

Amy, 27, was originally told that the illness would last between four to six months, but two years on it continues to affect her day to day routine to such an extent there are some days she is unable to walk.

Amy, who grew up in Gildersome, said: “It started as a little rash, and then after 48 hours my legs were absolutely covered.

“I’ve been quite fortunate in that I was diagnosed straight away, but for a lot of people out there it can take quite a while to diagnose some forms of vasculitis because there’s that many of them. I’ve got five doctors and four of them have said it’s the worst case they’ve ever seen. At one stage I couldn’t even lift my son Tyler up. But I thought that rather than sitting and dwelling on it, I’ll try and do something good.”

Amy is hosting a coffee morning and family fun day at Gildersome Meeting Hall on March 28 to help raise funds for the Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation, which raises awareness and offers emotional support to people living with vasculitis.

A number of exciting raffle prizes have been donated by businesses far and wide, including a two for one Blackpool Pleasure Beach voucher, a spa day at Thorpe Park Hotel and a £25 voucher for Morley restaurant Table 27.

There will also be a toy stall, cake stall and tombola

Amy describes the past two years, which has also seen her ability to work and drive affected, as a “nightmare” but is determined to defeat the disease.

“I have to remain optimistic that I will beat it just for my little boy,” she said.