ANDREA JENKYNS COLUMN: MP discusses return to Parliament after recess

17 May 2015 .......    Andrea Jenkyns, new Tory MP who ousted Ed Balls from his seat in Morley. TJ100849c Picture Tony Johnson
17 May 2015 ....... Andrea Jenkyns, new Tory MP who ousted Ed Balls from his seat in Morley. TJ100849c Picture Tony Johnson

Westminster is always busy just after recess.

The MPs return and are desperate to debate what has happened over the summer.

I was happy to see the new Prime Minister continue to perform so naturally at Prime Minister’s Questions.

I went on Sky News with Labour MP Wes Streeting and SNP MP Stephen Gethins to watch and discuss PMQs with Sky’s political correspondent, Faisal Islam.

The Prime Minister provided punchy, intelligent answers and continued the Conservative Party’s dominance of the Chamber.

After our historic vote to leave the European Union on June 23, seeing David Davis at the dispatch box was exciting.

As the new Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, he was updating the House on the work his department is doing.

Davis rightly described how the government should not be rushed in securing the best deal possible for Britain.

We do not need a running commentary on Brexit negotiations as they will only weaken our bargaining position and undermine the hard work being done in Whitehall and Brussels.

In order to ensure we get a deal that works, we need to be patient and trust the Secretary of State.

Rejecting a points-based immigration system is a step in the right direction.

Britain is in a unique position with unique requirements.

We need our own tailored immigration system that is not copied from another country and allows us to truly take back control of our borders.

Seeing the junior doctors call off their proposed five day strike was also a welcome sight.

The strike would have put vulnerable patients at risk, as hundreds of thousands of operations and millions of appointments would have been cancelled.

Patient safety should be at the heart of doctors’ considerations and I hope the junior doctors and the BMA see sense and call of the rest of their proposed five-day strikes.

* Judging the Westminster Dog of the Year competition provided a nice end to my week in Westminster.

Last year, my two mini Schnauzer dogs called Lady and Godiva came in first place!

Unfortunately Lady died recently so she couldn’t reclaim her title.

For a bit of fun, I brought along a soft toy that reminds me of her.

It went down really well, receiving lots of attention from dogs and judges alike!

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