ANDREA JENKYNS MP COLUMN: Important that we secure a prosperous Brexit Britain

Andrea Jenkyns is MP for Morley and Outwood.
Andrea Jenkyns is MP for Morley and Outwood.

The Supreme Court hearing is a landmark in British history.

It offers the opportunity to overturn the shameful process that started the day after the referendum by those who wish to frustrate the Brexit process.

I made it explicitly clear how disappointed and disgusted I was with the initial legal challenge, and my disappointment only intensified after the High Court Ruling.

Back in June 2015, during the second reading of the European Referendum Bill the then Foreign Secretary, the Rt. Hon. Philip Hammond MP described the bill as a “simple but vital piece of legislation to deliver on our promise to give the British people the final say on our EU membership.”

To describe the referendum as non-binding is farcical.

The British people were given the final decision on our membership of the EU and they rejected it.

The result instructed the government to withdraw our EU membership.

The Prime Minister’s sturdy determination that Article 50 will be triggered by the end of March regardless of the High Court ruling provided a necessary sense of assurance and clarity.

It is crucial that we stay on track, trigger Article 50 and begin formal negotiations with our European counterparts as soon as possible.

This will ensure a prosperous, outward-looking Brexit Britain that I am sure will emerge.

Through the Exiting the European Union Select Committee I will continue scrutinising the Brexit process.

In the committee we have recently discussed the UK’s negotiating objectives, what will affect our negotiating standpoint and how long the process might take.

There were many positive comments, namely, the idea that negotiating a great deal will not take too long and will include trade options that benefit British industries, services and jobs.

I look forward to seeing all of these things catered for in our future exit deal, as well as a reintroduction of sovereignty over parliament, immigration and budget contributions.

Also in Westminster I was delighted to be reinstated as Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Patient Safety.

This year our agenda will focus on malnutrition, and during our first meeting we explored malnutrition in palliative care.

The meeting allowed the group to call on a variety of expert witnesses including dieticians and GPs.

We discovered a number of interesting findings, including the fact that not enough emphasis is placed on diets and patients are not given individual, unique diet plans.

The APPG will allow us to explore and suggest improvements to current practice to make sure that vulnerable people get the nutrition that they truly require.

As Christmas is upon us, it was pleasure for me to visit the local delivery office to say thank you to all of the staff and workers for all of their hard work this year.

It is a parliamentary tradition for MPs to visit local post offices, and it was truly an honour for me to visit mine.