ANDREA JENKYNS MP COLUMN: Pleasure to spend time in my constituency

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Despite it being conference recess in Westminster, I have had a busy week in Morley and Outwood meeting businesses and attending events.

I love coming up to the constituency as I am reminded of the strength, kindness and positivity of our community.

Amongst other things, this past week I have taken part in a variety of events including a Rotary Club meeting during which I thoroughly enjoyed giving a speech, organising the installation of a footfall counter in my office, visiting the England Wheelchair Rugby League team at Morley Leisure Centre and opening the Morley Academy September Fair.

As a former Rotarian, being a guest speaker at the Rotary Club is always a great honour.

It reminds me of when I was given the opportunity to travel to India and observe the great work the Rotary Club is doing with regards to improvements in health standards.

Seeing the “Stamping out Polio” campaign in action was incredible, yet it was humbling to see a large number of people still affected by the horrible disease and learn that India and Afghanistan are the only two countries still plagued by it.

I love being a part of this great club and the work they do to improve standards of living.

Installing a footfall counter is a fantastic initiative that will revolutionise our high street.

It is a sensor developed by Manchester Metropolitan University with a host of partners that will monitor areas for patterns of high street use.

It will give businesses the knowledge they need in order to thrive.

It will allow us to measure peak and off-peak times, letting businesses know when they can expect to be busy and when the high street will best be able to accommodate events.

It will also allow us to see the effects of digitalisation and what available wifi will do to increase high street footfall.

I was excited when I gave permission to have the sensor drilled into my office wall as it shows the necessary progress is being made to breathe life into our high street.

I was also honoured to be able to meet the England Wheelchair Rugby League team and the European champions at Morley Leisure Centre.

Since our meeting the team have gone on to win the Four Nations tournament, comprehensively beating Wales in the final.

Watching them train and prepare and meeting James Simpson the co-captain, I was very impressed at the levels of professionalism and commitment they exhibit.

They are currently fundraising in order to finance a £70,000 trip to Australia to take part in the World Cup next year and I wish them the best of luck.

Opening the Morley Academy September Fair was an incredibly moving experience.

I was amazed at the strength, courage and fortitude of the families of George Wharton and Aaron Thompson as two dining halls were opened in their memory.

George and Aaron sadly passed away in 2015 and 2014 respectively, yet their beautiful portraits will ensure that they are remembered and continue to inspire future generations of children.

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