ANDREA JENKYNS MP COLUMN: Victims of attack will always be remembered

Leeds Town Hall lit up in tribute
Leeds Town Hall lit up in tribute

As I look back on the events that happened last week, it is heartbreaking to think of the innocent victims who were killed by the cowardly acts of the hate-filled terrorist.

The mother, the same age as myself, who was on her way to collect her children from school.

The retired 75-year-old postman walking over Westminster Bridge on his way to a hospital appointment.

The American man, here in the UK to celebrate his 25th wedding anniversary.

And the brave PC Keith Palmer, who died tackling the deranged madman.

All of these people murdered so needlessly and their families and young children will live with the scars forever.

PC Palmer dedicated his life to protecting our values and defending our freedoms.

He will be forever remembered as a hero and he will be deeply missed.

Although the case is still ongoing and I do not wish to comment on speculation, I am glad that a thorough investigation into the attack is ongoing and that processes are being put in place to protect innocent people from any other actions of evil in the future.

But I will say this, the terrorists will fail.

This country will not succumb to the twisted ideology of violent extremists.

It is not said enough, but since becoming a MP in 2015 I have been hugely impressed by the kindness and professionalism witnessed by our police and security services in Parliament.

It is important that it remains an open building where the public can visit and see their MPs.

Incidents like last week remind us what a difficult and dangerous job that our brave police do every day all over our country.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their service to our nation and for keeping us safe.

I would also like to say thank you to all of those people who sent me kind messages on Wednesday wishing me safe and well.

My team and I are all fine, and we are thinking of the injured and the families of the victims right now as they go through this incredibly difficult time.

Away from the terrible events in Westminster and from a local aspect, there is an update to my campaign to prevent development on land at Lane Side Farm.

Despite 917 objections from the community, local councillors and myself, Leeds City Council’s Planning Panel have recommended the Lane Side Farm application be approved by the Chief Planning Officer.

All of the political parties, except one, opposed the application which was passed by Labour councillors.

I am extremely disappointed by the council’s decision.

Finally, my petition to save Drighlington’s green spaces from 179 new dwellings is still open.

You can add your name to it until the end of this month, so please do so here:

Before I go I would just like to add that I hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s day.

I know I could not do without my own mum, Valerie.