Andrea Jenkyns MP takes part in EU debate

Andrea Jenkyns MP backs the Leave campaign
Andrea Jenkyns MP backs the Leave campaign

Morley MP Andrea Jenkyns was a keynote speaker at a recent conference about the upcoming EU referendum.

Ms Jenkyns spoke alongside other politicians and the Yorkshire chairman of Business for Britain at the public information event in Bradford last week.

Over 100 people turned out to have their questions about EU membership answered by a panel, including organiser and local MEP Amjad Bashir.

Topics discussed at the Carllise Business Centre in Manningham included bureaucracy, costs, trade and jobs.

Conservative Ms Jenkyns is keen for the UK to leave the EU in the June 23 vote.

“Leaving the EU is about returning to true national sovereignty.

“We have to be governed by people we elect rather than a remote elite in Brussels,” she said.

Mr Bashir is also a Eurosceptic and is keen for the country to be able to set its own immgration policy and spend its own funds.

The Yorkshire and Humber region currently gives around £1.1billion a year to the EU.

“This was an opportunity for people to have their burning questions about the EU answered - how its bureaucracy operates, how much it costs, how it affects trade and jobs,” added Mr Bashir.