Black Prince return to the open road

Bradley McMullan with one of the revived Black Prince buses.
Bradley McMullan with one of the revived Black Prince buses.

If you’re in the town centre this weekend, you might have to look twice to believe what’s back on the road.

Black Prince buses are being revived on Sunday - for one day only - to mark 10 years since your favourite red, yellow and maroon buses last dominated the town.

Morley Town Hall will be the base for the network of services from 10am-6pm, which will be operated free of charge by former employees and dedicated followers of Brian Crowther’s bus empire, using vehicles from the Black Prince fleet.

The revival is the brainchild of David Crowther, Brian’s son, and Bradley McMullan, who together salvaged an old 1948 tow truck, which had turned up in a field near Exeter.

Bradley said: “It started first time and drove all the way home after being parked for over 10 years. We were so proud of it!

“Since it’s 10 years since Black Prince closed, and with it being such a notable anniversary we decided to make something of it.

“What better way to do this than put the buses where they are meant to be - on the streets of Morley!”

It is hoped that the 421, Morley and Gildersome, the 424, Morley to Thorpe circular, the X49, Morley to Leeds, and the X51, Morley and Tingley Mills to Leeds, will run most of the day - hourly on the 421, 424 and X51 services and every half-hour for the X49.

Bradley said: “There will be a booklet to buy on the day with the timetable for the routes. With buses coming from Birmingham, Chesterfield and Keighley, the fuel bill will be high, but balanced by the enjoyment of seeing Black Prince Buses back in Morley!”