Boxing clever for Down’s syndrome

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A self-confessed “unsporty” woman has laced-up her gloves and boxed her way to charity success in aid of Down’s syndrome.

Sue ‘The Morley Mauler’ Simmons took part in a boxing tournament at Headingley Stadium in front of more than 250 spectators.

Sue, of King George Croft, became involved with a women’s amateur boxing group and trained for eight weeks before gathering sponsors for the big day.

“I am really pleased with the donations,” she said.

“I was more nervous about coming out into the ring than the boxing, that might have been the most nerve-wracking part.”

Sue picked Blur’s Song 2 as her entrance music.

She said she planned to keep up with her training but she was not sure about stepping up for any more fights.

“I definitely want to carry on with the training. But my family wouldn’t be especially pleased if I had another fight.

“My two trainers, Lee Murtagh and Sam Smith, have been great.”

Pink Collar Boxing, based in East Leeds, puts female participants on an eight-week crash course before they box for a charity of their choice in front of a crowd in three two-minute bouts.

The running total for Sue’s cause currently stands at £730 and donations can still be made online at