Brass bands march for glory in south Leeds contest

Brass bands from across the country marched into Morley yesterday for an annual fundraising contest.

The 12th Morley March and Hymn Tune Contest took place on Sunday in the town centre, with 11 bands competing against each other this year - coming from across Yorkshire - including the local Tingley Band, Lancashire and one from the Midlands.

The Morley March & Hymn Tune Contest

The Morley March & Hymn Tune Contest

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Each band assembled at the Ernie Wise statue before marching along Queen Street with their chosen footmarch song.

Once they arrived at Windsor Court, the band moved onto the square next to the town hall where they finished with a hymn tune and another march song.

The judges, listening from a room at the town hall, crowned Yorkshire Imperial Band, based in Gawthorpe, Wakefield, as overall champions - netting them £600 and a trophy. The band also won ‘best contest march’ and ‘best instrumentalist’ for the cornet player.

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The annual event is supported by Morley and District Lions, which receives the proceeds, and the Morley Community Development Committee.

Geoff Fowler, contest controller, said: “It went really well - there was some really good playing and some really good marching. It’s a really entertaining time. It’s all different music, whereas usually with a brass band contest you get everyone playing the same piece of music. But here it’s whatever the band wants to play.”

Geoff, who organised the first contest 12 years ago said he isn’t surprised it’s still going today. He said: “It’s something that traditionally brass bands like to do - it’s part of their being. There’s so much variety in this contest - there’s some really beautiful marches and the hymn tunes are a delight.”