Brave Jordan gets once-in-a-lifetime trip to Disney World.

Jordan Liley, who has had problems with his kidneys all his life, was put forward for the trip by his nurse. (D513C437)
Jordan Liley, who has had problems with his kidneys all his life, was put forward for the trip by his nurse. (D513C437)

Brave Jordan Liley has battled more than his fair share of pain in his short life.

The Bruntcliffe School pupil has spent his whole life in and out of hospital after having one of his kidneys removed aged just two.

Since then Jordan, now 12, has had to become accustomed to a strict programme of check-ups and appointments as doctors monitor his health.

This has meant he has never been able to enjoy a family holiday and instead has had to opt for days out.

Now the youngster’s bravery has being rewarded – with a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Disney World, Florida.

Jordan is one of 76 children who flew to America on Friday courtesy of the children’s charity Destination Florida.

His proud mum, Claire, said: “He was nominated by our district nurse and he was so happy to be chosen.

“All of the children deserve to go because they have all got their own stories but Jordan has been through so much.

“His sisters recently went away but he has never been able to join them, which has been hard. He is really excited to go.”

Jordan’s struggle began before he was born when doctors told Claire during her 18 week scan that he would have problems with his kidneys.

Throughout his early life he needed to have dialysis sessions, where he was put on a machine for an hour-and-a-half, twice a week, at St James’s Hospital in Leeds and at home.

Jordan, of Priestley Square in Birstall, also needed to carry a catheter bag on a pole everywhere he went.

He had a kidney transplant on Mother’s Day in 2010 and doctors said he was making a good recovery.

But disaster struck when a recent biopsy revealed his new kidney had been damaged by a urine infection.

Doctors have predicted Jordan’s kidney will only last for another 18 months.

Claire, who has six other children, said: “It is another big setback and makes the trip even more important.

“He visits Leeds General Infirmary every three weeks for check-ups. They will see how he gets on then make a decision.

“All through this Jordan has never moaned or complained. He has just got on with it and we could not be more proud of him.”

Jordan will spend a week in Florida and be accompanied by doctors and carers from the children’s charity.