Brave Naomi loses fight against cancer

By Erica Madelin FRIENDS and family of cancer victim Naomi Tomlinson said farewell to her at a funeral at Cottingley Hall crematorium on Friday.

The 14-year-old from Morley lost her battle with the disease last week, dying in her mother's arms at her home on Denshaw Grove.

Her mother Audra said: "We both knew the time had come and she told me she was frightened and did not want to leave me.

"I told her there was nothing to be afraid of because there were lots of people waiting for her on the other side who would look after her.

"I told her I didn't want her to go but I also didn't want her to be in any more pain. Then she just went to sleep."

Naomi had been diagnosed with Rhabdomyo Sarcoma, a particularly aggressive form of childhood cancer, just over a year ago.

The former Newlands Primary School pupil was treated at St James's hospital in Leeds and made such good progress that in April she was allowed home.

She was also able to returned to Parklands Girls' High School part time and at the end of term said goodbye to her friends and teachers, saying she would see them again in September.

But at the end of July, during a routine scan, doctors found the aggressive cancer had spread and told the family there was nothing else they could do for Naomi.

Knowing she may have only weeks to live her family were determined that Naomi should get the most out of them and that they should have happy memories of their last weeks together.

Despite being weak and easily tired Naomi enjoyed a street party thrown by relatives, friends and neighbours when they coned off the whole grove, put up marquees and had a big barbecue and bouncy castle.

Though it poured with rain, and Naomi worried her guests would get cold, they were determined to throw her a party to remember.

She also enjoyed a weekend at the Blue Dolphin Holiday Park at her favourite resort, Filey, with her mother, two-year-old brother Aidan and grandmother Glynis and visited Scarborough.