BREAKING NEWS: Plan to build 55 pitch traveller site in Morley

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Land in Morley could be cleared to make way for a 55 pitch traveller caravan park if plans are approved.

Planners say the site would be in two sections on each side of Valley Road, near to Morley Station.

Site A would include 48 pitches, a designated play area, separate male and female toilet/shower buildings and a management cabin. Site B would be developed to provide a further seven pitches, a secure grazing paddock and a 40 vehicle car park as an overspill to the railway station car park and for general public use.

Coun Robert Finnigan said he is outraged with the plan. He said: “It is utterly unacceptable.

“The application has come completely out of the blue and if allowed, the site will be bigger than Cottingley Springs after it is expanded.

“It is far too large, it’s a contaminated site and will have a significant impact on residents.

“It would mean there would be 100 plus caravans in Morley. Sites for travellers should be shared and not put onto Morley alone. It’s unfair.

Objection comments have already been logged with Leeds City Council’s planning department.

Kathleen White, who lives on Sandringham Close, said: “We have already got a traveller caravan park at Cottingley. We don not want another in this vicinity.

“This application is also for an overflow car park for train users. I cannot think of anyone who would want to use the train facility, especially as it is isolated already.

“There are a lot of elderly residents in the Croft House estate that would feel vulnerable.

“I wonder how many people buying properties on the Daisy Hill and proposed Albert Road developments will now go through with their purchases.”

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