Bruntcliffe houses open to buyers

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St Andrew’s View a controversial new housing development on Bruntcliffe Road, Morley has opened to possible buyers.

Two homes have already been reserved and seven will go on the market with a further 162 homes to be completed, they are expected to sell quickly.

The housing estate was originally opposed by councillors and residents last year who had concerns about the pressures on amenities.

The site is located adjacent to M62 and some houses are situated just 40m from the busy motorway.

Coun Tom Leadley said: “We did manage to get modifications.

“The design and layout were changed because originally the houses had no gardens.

“We still have concerns about housing estates popping up all over Morley.

“Where will these kids go to school? The high schools are already over subscribed and the area is isolated from public transport.

“But. we will have to learn to live with it and make do with the best we can.”