Bruntcliffe School to become academy

Executive headteacher of Bruntcliffe School David Gurney. (D511A441)
Executive headteacher of Bruntcliffe School David Gurney. (D511A441)

Bruntcliffe School is to be converted into an academy later this year.

The school’s Interim Executive Board (IEB), which took control of Bruntcliffe in October, has announced plans to join forces with the GORSE Academies Trust in time for the start 2015/16 school term in September.

It is hoped that the change of structure will improve the school’s performance as it joins the Trust, which also oversees Morley Academy.

The Trust’s executive principal Sir John Townsley said it was important that “all children of secondary age in Morley have the opportunity to go to a great school.”

Bruntcliffe’s executive head teacher David Gurney said: “I look forward to working with Sir John Townsley and the GORSE Academies Trust and to setting out the course for a positive way forward for all the students at Bruntcliffe School.

“My role as executive headteacher will continue until the school has fully converted to an academy, allowing me to continue to oversee the improvements that have already been made.”