Call to close flytipping blighted road

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Councillors are to explore the closure of the Gelderd Road end of Rooms Lane in Morley following several incidents of fly tipping adjacent to the motorway bridge.

Councillors believe the closure would reduce the incidents of fly tipping which have cost the City Councils thousands of pounds to clear up.

Coun Bob Gettings said “This has become a significant problem and clearing up is costing the Council money that could be spent on better things. It is clear that the Fly-tippers are coming along the far side of Rooms Lane from Gelderd Road to carry out this anti-social behaviour.”

The closure will be delivered with a lockable gate at the end of the Rooms Lane track adjacent to the motorway bridge over the M621. The lane would still be open to pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders.

Coun Gettings said “We are asking residents what they think about this proposal before we develop it any further. We have proposed a similar plan previously but we need the support of local residents if we are to succeed with this project.”

Residents can give their comments by ringing the MBI Office on 0113 2477538 or by emailing Coun Gettings directly on